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I write regularly. In my writing I explore a range of topics like Identity, Perspective, Transformation, Conscious Authentic Relating. Writing is a tool for me to observe finer distinctions within these realms, which then supports me in my speaking, training, and coaching.

Most of my writing is done right here though you can see an anthology of my published works and how you can purchase them on this page.


“I absolutely love your writing! I feel such resonance in your words because you write from your heart. It's real and a perspective not often publicly shared... I really appreciate that. I always look forward to your posts and I savour them.”

- Louise Vella

"Your authenticity and willingness to seek to arrive at what I see as mature, generous perspectives is a breath of fresh air. It's nice to have someone write about these topics, give a voice to them, normalise them, and seek to make sense of them (and not overanalyse them either)."

- Tim Longhurst

"When I read your writing I feel a sense of acceptance and possibility. It helps remind me how we each perceive things differently and since we're each on our own journeys growing and evolving, we can deepen in love. It's very special."

- Brett Hunt

Reflections on Generative Learning

Reflections on Generative Learning

I’ve been writing a lot recently! Partially because I don’t have a petulant husband demanding my attention anymore. And secondly, through writing my book I realised what an effective strategy it was for me to hold space for myself and integrate new insights.

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Couples Communication During COVID-19

Couples Communication During COVID-19

Whilst COVID-19 runs rampant across the world, we’re locked in our houses with our families.

This can be a beautiful opportunity for bonding and to cultivate the closeness you’d previously dreamed of, but seemed far fetched with everyone so busy with all their activities. Now those activities have been suspended and we have an abundance of time to connect with one another. This is a blessing when we learn how to connect skillfully and practice doing that with each other.

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Contrary to Popular Opinion…

Contrary to Popular Opinion…

The views I hold and openly express are confronting for many people.

Those of us who have been raised in Western society have been conditioned to be so externally referenced that the concept of letting our inner Self light the path and lead the way is incomprehensible.

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“At the core of your being, you already are all that you seek.”

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