You’re Not Crazy, I Promise

Published on 03 september 2018

You’re Not Crazy, I Promise

How many times have you heard someone call someone a version of crazy (insane, batshit, lunatic, etc.) because they behaved in a way that simply made no sense to any “sane” person?

Well, if there’s anything I’ve learned in the 5 years I’ve been delving deep into people’s inner psyche is that no one is actually crazy by their own standards. They are only crazy when compared to someone else’s definition of sensible or successful.

When we get this – really, truly get this – we can appreciate folks for being just the way they are. We can understand they aren’t doing life wrong – they are just doing it differently. And that’s perfectly fine.

What happens though when you’re in relationship with someone whose values are very different to yours? A parent, child, colleague, twin flame, etc? How do you navigate those situations with grace and gratitude?

My learnings this week have been around that… I’m happy to spend $23 on a bottle of organic 100% cranberry juice. But, not happy to spend on $1500 on linen and kitchen things because my partner refuses to buy things secondhand.

I’m no more a “tightass” for not wanting to spend $1500 on linen and crockery then I am “insane” for spending $23 on juice. I value health and well being differently to buying stuff. I spend heaps on things that enhance my wellbeing and I want the premium products – the good stuff. As for pretty things around the house, I’m happy to buy those secondhand.

BUT I know this. And still I get tricked sometimes. So my heart feels heavy imagining what it’s like for folks who don’t know this. Folks who might believe what others say and think that just because their values are different to those around them, there is something wrong with them.

This post is dedicated to you. You’re not crazy, I promise. If you feel the need to listen to an outside opinion let it be this one: you’re perfectly fine just as you are. Nothing to fix, only the infinite to appreciate.


Divya Darling

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