What a Horticulturalist and I Have in Common

Published on 04 february 2018

What a Horticulturalist and I Have in Common

I’m like a horticulturist for humans… 

One of the things I love most about Bali is how lush and green it is. There are beautiful flowers all over the place. Frangipanis (one of my favs), hibiscus, birds of paradise, adenium, and heliconia just to name a few… To me flowers represent nature’s way of reminding us that growth is inevitable.

I often say to new clients that growth happens naturally in the appropriate conditions. My job as a Transformational Brain Trainer (TBT) is simply to create the right conditions for growth, leveraging the system’s innate capacity (there’s a reason I named it the Intrinsic Brilliance Institute). Like orchids, in the right conditions, they thrive easily and look stunning. But, when the conditions aren’t suited to what they require, they wilt and wither away just as swiftly.

The untrained gardener doesn’t always know why something isn’t blossoming, even though they can tell that it isn’t. But horticulturists can help with that – that’s what they study and practice. Having studied neuroscience, psychology, cognitive science, neuro-linguistic programming, results coaching, applied kinesiology and a whole lot of other modalities, I know a thing or two about the conditions humans require to access their highest potential.

Hence, TBTs are like horticulturists for humans. We don’t need to know why something in life isn’t thriving. We just need to observe that it isn’t and consult the appropriate person who can solve the problem.Do you have an aspect of your life that isn’t working as well as you’d like? Perhaps I can help with that… Send me a message and let’s have a chat. 


Divya Darling

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