How I Avoided PTSD

Published on 11 MAY 2020

How I Avoided PTSD

I didn’t want post traumatic stress, so I gave myself post traumatic growth instead. Here’s how:

  1. Asking quality questions like: “what can I learn from this experience?”
    Questions asked with a curious tone point the brain towards how the experience was beneficial in terms of learning and growth.
  2. Rather than victimise myself by thinking something happened TO me, I considered how it was FOR me.
    A quality question I asked myself is “How has this been valuable for me?”
  3. Allowing myself to feel how I feel.
    No matter what feelings arise in me, I welcome them all and feel them fully until they have dissipated entirely. This is an ongoing process.
  4. Looking for the love.
    Looking for the love is my way of saying, “What can I appreciate here?” We will always find something to be grateful for if we are earnest and sincere in looking.
  5. Sharing honestly.
    I didn’t hide my experience of the situation. I shared about it publicly relatively quickly after it occurred.


Divya Darling

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