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The Ideology that Fuels
Divya’s Speaking Career

​Our future depends on empowering people to be their best and brightest in every context. That’s what I’m most passionate about. As a Speaker it’s my job to paint a picture and give people a taste of how delicious their lives can be by just making some tiny tweaks to their day to day routines. Small changes over time add up to significant shifts.

Some things people have said about Divya and her work:

Some things people have said about Divya and her work:


Divya is an excellent speaker and trainer. I have been to several of her talks and have left inspired and intrigued every time...She is one to watch!

~ Kathy Divine

Divya has a gorgeous, uplifting energy and is extremely talented at what she does.

~ Felicity James

I was surprised at how engaging and enjoyable the webinar she delivered for the FITT professional development series was.

~ Cathy Bell

Topics Divya Speaks To:

Divya only speaks on topics she’s deeply passionate about. Here’s a short (certainly not exhaustive) list:

  • ​Creating Happier & Healthier Workplaces
  • ​The Neuroscience of Achievement
  • ​Emotional Intelligence for Sales Success

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