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Why would anyone get

Brain Training?

If you’ve found yourself having a “bad day” more often than you would like, OR
If you compare yourself to others and feel like you’re constantly coming up short, OR
If there’s a part of you that yearns for life to be easier...

Brain training can be life changing for you.

Brain training is the process by which you can unpack your life and create a new way of being in the world. Think of everything you know like clothes in a suitcase. Except you didn’t pack the suitcase, it’s just been sitting in the corner of the room while you throw everything into it, kind of like your dirty clothes hamper. And some of the stuff is clean and usable but some of it no longer fits. Brain training is your opportunity to sort through all the items in your suitcase and keep only what is useful.  

Brain Training can be life altering for you if you frequently find yourself feeling frustrated, sad, scared, stressed or stuck OR Regardless of how much you are achieving you don't really feel successful or enjoy your life fully, OR If you're feeling even mildly discontent with the way your life is turning out and don't know what to do about it...

​It’s time to change the way you look at the world.

This is a process I excel at and love supporting others with.

Brain Training teaches you how to go inward to learn another way of being in the world that is more aligned with your natural inclinations. Living in this type of alignment is the foundation on which we achieve greater success. I've witnessed first hand how the countless benefits of brain training can improve upon every aspect of your life: self-confidence, business, health, wealth, relationships, etc.

“After 17 years in business I’ve had my most profitable year yet.”


​What Exactly is a Brain Trainer?

We know now from modern neuroscience that you actually CAN ‘teach an old dog new tricks’. And that's because of neuroplasticity - our brain's ability to physically rewire in response to new experiences. Our brain functions like a muscle in many ways. But the problem is that many of us have been working out our brains in a way that strengthens the muscles that support doubt, anger and sadness, and weakens the muscles that support joy and satisfaction. So by literally retraining the brain, we strengthen muscles that bring you the most fulfillment.

Brain Trainers take a brain-based approach to cultivating deep core transformation which allows behavioural change to emerge organically. In essence it’s like suddenly finding yourself waking up every morning with the energy and desire to exercise instead of forcing yourself to ‘do what you have to’ to stay fit every day. Following the methodology developed by the Intrinsic Brilliance Institute, Brain Trainers like Divya are known for assisting their clients in making quantum leaps in their consciousness, which then lead to exponential growth in their lives.

​How Does Brain Training Work?

Brain Training

We know that our thoughts create our realities. As transformational coaches we offer a space where you can see the structure of your thinking, understand how you are creating your experiences, and choose more empowering behaviours to help you engineer your ideal life.

Brain Training

The Intrinsic Brilliance™methodology unifies many different schools of thought including: transpersonal psychology, Gestalt, Neuro Linguistic Programing, multibraining, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction, provocative and narrative therapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, yoga and Buddhist philosophy, and the Demartini Method.

People experience profound paradigm shifts at the deepest level of their identity. Neuroplasticity takes place (their brains rewire so they change on a cellular level) and then their behaviours reflect those changes.

I got more out of 3 sessions with Divya than in
10 years of therapy.

- Lisa G.

Some things people have said about Divya and her work:

​Where Does it Happen?

​Wherever you are. Our sessions happen in the comfort of your life by utilising digital services. Sessions are delivered via Zoom which means you can access quality Brain Training no matter where in the world you are.

​When Can I Start?

​As soon as you want to start, you can. We encourage you to book in for a free 20 minute Spotlight Session to explore where you’re up to right now and help us to know how we are going to support you to have a fit healthy brain. This is just a getting-to-know-you call. From there, we’ll help you discover your next step forward.

​“That was the strangest experience I’ve had yet in Ubud. And that’s saying a lot!”

​Elizabeth Grojean

​At the core of your being,
you already are all that you seek.

How did Divya Become a Brain Trainer?

A Brain Trainer is a neuroscience-based neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) coach, which is the fancy way of saying someone with all the tools to help you change your mind on a deep and transformative level.

They have experiential knowledge of the difference brain training makes because they practice it ongoingly with other Brain Trainers.

In Divya’s case, she has degrees in Neuroscience, Psychology, and Cognitive Science. Additionally, she’s done certifications in Multiple Brain Integration Techniques, Language and Behavioural Profiling, and Transformational and Results Coaching, just to name a few.

To learn more about Divya, you might want to read the less abridged version of her bio at the Intrinsic Brilliance Institute. Also, Divya has been documenting her and her clients’ learnings for years, so check out some of her writing including her book.

What can I expect in a Brain Training Session?

No two sessions are exactly the same, but essentially:

  1. 1
    ​You turn up (online on our zoom video call) and I ask you some questions about what’s current in your experience.
  2. 2
    ​From there we explore. I’ll use whatever tools and techniques are most appropriate for the context.
  3. 3
    ​Through this process your brain will redirect it’s focus and it will create what we call ‘shifts in the awareness’.
  4. 4
    ​Then the “magic” happens, as you leave the session with clear outcomes for you to observe in the days, weeks, and months that follow.   Maybe you find that all of a sudden that one co-worker doesn’t bother you anymore, maybe you have a sudden burst of productivity, maybe you even find that goals you thought were years away are on your doorstep. It just depends on what we’ve set as your intentions.

Here’s a video I made to explain to new clients what they could expect before coming to see me in Bali.

​Unsure if Brain Training is right for you?

A spotlight session is the best way to find out! It’s a FREE session in which you can simply dip your toe in the water and find out if this is what you want to be doing. You can book in for that here:

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